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Humble and long-suffering before his God, keen to inflict any torture on his own body for the sake of the faith, he could not submit to be flogged by the infidel. "Make sharp thy sword, judge," he cried; "ship my soul to fulfill my Creator; however assume not that I will endure my body to be lacerated with whips." And right here he burst right into a flood of maledictions in opposition to Mohammed and his religion. When Roderick saw this determine, he was dismayed awhile; but seeing on its breast the phrases, "I do my obligation," he plucked

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up courage and conjured it tolet him pass in safety, for he meant no sacrilege, however only wished to learn the thriller of the tower. Then the figure stood still, with its mace uplifted, and the king and his followers handed beneath it into the second chamber.

Every city or district had its own unbiased lord—so soon had the consolidating effects of Almanzor's rule disappeared. The Spaniards themselves loved little of this sudden accession of small powers. They needed to look on and lament, while foreigners divided their land amongst them.

Its slim streets of whitewashed homes convey but a faint impression of its as soon as magnificent extent; the palace, Alcazar, is in decay, and its ruins are used for the vile function of a prison; the bridge nonetheless spans the Guadalquivir, however, and the noble mosque of the first Omeyyad remains to be the wonder and delight of travellers. But in the time of Abd-er-Rahmān III., or maybe a little later, when a fantastic minister added a model new faubourg, it was at its finest. Historians are divided as to its extent, however a size of a minimal of ten miles seems to be essentially

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the most possible dimension. The banks of the Guadalquivir were shiny with marble homes, mosques, and gardens, during which the rarest flowers and timber of other international locations were fastidiously cultivated, and the Arabs launched their system of irrigation, which the Spaniards, both earlier than and since, have by no means equalled. The first Omeyyad Sultan imported a date tree from Syria, to remind him of his old house; and to it he dedicated a tragic little poem to bewail his exile.

The Berbers in Andalusia, all the time in intimate contact with their kinsmen over the water, had been fast to feel the affect of such a revolution as was then going forward in Africa. They had cause to grudge the Arabs their lion's share of the spoils of Spain, which had been the trophies of the Berbers' bow

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and spear. When the Moors saw the mighty army that Roderick had introduced against them, and beheld the king in his splendid armour under a magnificent cover, their hearts for a second sank inside them. But Tārik cried aloud, "Men, earlier than you is the enemy, and the sea is at your backs. By Allah, there is no escape for you save in valour and backbone." Andthey plucked up braveness and shouted, "We will comply with thee, O Tārik," and rushed after their general into the fray. The battle lasted an entire week, and prodigies of valour are recorded on each side. Roderick rallied his army again and again; however the desertion of the partisans of Witiza turned the fortune of the sector and it became the scene of a disastrous rout.

All is calm, but it isn't the boring, cold calm of wreck and demise; we are ready to but really feel a sense of companionship with the former masters of the palace and the grounds. We climb to the terraced roof of the tower, following the slim windings of the steep stairway once trodden by truthful woman and gallant prince as they hastened to the lofty battlement to observe the approachof some military or anxiously to review the progress of a battle on the Vega. Our eyes search the broad expanse for that bridge of Pinos where Moor and Christian more than once fought for the mastery. We keep in mind that it was at that spot that Isabella's messenger overtook the despairing Columbus, as he conveyed to him the queen's recall, when the mariner was plodding in the direction of different realms to hold his bold proposition to different and, as he hoped, more gracious sovereigns. We care not that it's custom solely which fixes the spot; tradition and romance are a portion of the charm of the Alhambra. We should make an excellent mistake if we regarded the warriors of Leon and Castile as something approaching a super of knightly honour and chivalry, and a still greater error can be to imagine them polished, cultivated gents.

A sudden and violent enthusiasm took the place of the indifference that had hitherto been the prevailing attribute of Spanish Christianity, and a race for martyrdom started. Partly because he had too completely terrified the individuals for them simply to recover their braveness, and partly because in his successor they acknowledged the very antithesis of his father—a prince to be

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loved and honoured—the people remained quiet for some years. Hishām, who in 788 succeeded his father, at the age of thirty, was a mannequin of all the virtues; and, as if to ensure that he ought to practise them with assiduity throughout his brief reign, an astrologer predicted that he had but eight years to reside. The Sultan naturally devoted this quick house to preparing for the following world. In his youth his palace had been crammed with men of science, poets, and sages; and the boy was father of the man.

It had taken eighteen years to recover the whole breadth of dominion which his predecessors had misplaced; however the work was carried out, and the royal power was firmly established over Arabs, Berbers, Spaniards, Moslems and Christians alike. Henceforward Abd-er-Rahmān permitted no particular prominence to any party; he stored the old Arab the Aristocracy in extreme repression; and the Spaniards, who had at all times been treated by them as base canaille, rejoiced

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to see their oppressors introduced low. Henceforth the Sultan was the only authority in the State; however his authority was simply, enlightened, and tolerant. After so a few years of confusion and anarchy, the people accepted the new despotism cheerfully.

When the dejected stragglers started to steal sadly into the gates of Granada, the populace easily threw off their old allegiance, and breaking into livid indignation

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towards Ez-Zaghal, denounced him as a traitor, and proclaimed Boabdil king in his stead. As Ez-Zaghal drew near to the gates of Granada with the remnant of his army, he found them closed in his face, and searching up he noticed the usual of Boabdil floating above the towers of the Alhambra. His city, always intolerant of failure, had shut its coronary heart in opposition to him in his day of trouble, so he turned away and established his courtroom at Guadix.

Catherine felt sick and died giving birth to Cathy; after some years, Heathcliff compelled her to marry his horrible son, Linton, becoming the owner of Thrushcross Grange, finishing his revenge. The customer finds his method into the enclosure via a massive embattled tower of orange and red pierced by the Gate of Justice underneath which the khalifs, like the judges of the Hebrews, were wont to sit in judgment. Twenty-eight feet above the pavement, over the horseshoe arch, a cabalistic key and a gigantic hand are carved on two stones. Once contained in the partitions, the customer finds himself in a square, on one side of which is an unfinished palace designed by Charles the Fifth.

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